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The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple at Holden Street Theatres

MBM’s The Odd Couple matches up at Holden Street

Neil Simon classic gets theatre back in gear at Hindmarsh

Matt Byrne Media will put a smile on everyone’s dial with the Neil Simon classic comedy The Odd Couple at Holden Street Theatres this November from November 4 to 28.

Producer/Director Matt Byrne says The Odd Couple has been a huge hit on the silver screen and the TV screen, since it began on Broadway, way back in 1965.

“The Odd Couple is Neil Simon’s greatest play, an hysterically funny but equally poignant look at male friendship,” Byrne said.

“It looks at the trouble that erupts when great buddies Oscar Madison and Felix Ungar end up living together in Oscar’s Manhattan apartment.

“The problem is easy-going Oscar’s place is a disorganised mess and finicky Felix can’t help but try and straighten it out – it’s a recipe for disaster!”

The play begins with a regular card game at Oscars featuring Murray, Speed, Vinnie and Roy as they await Felix’s arrival. When Felix arrives he is suicidal and Oscar is compelled to offer him a place to stay.

Eventually Oscar arranges a double date with the dizzy Pigeon sisters Cecily and Gwendolyn from upstairs, but it disintegrates when Felix can’t talk about anything but his wife.

The MBM production features David Grybowski as Felix, Byrne as Oscar, Timothy Cousins as Murray, Chris Stansfield as Roy, Gavin Cianci as Speed and Russell Ford as Vinnie, with Lauren Weber as Cecily and Bec Mason as Gwendolyn.

Byrne will design and co-direct the show with Rose Vallen.

The Odd Couple runs at the Holden Street Theatres at 34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh from November 4 (Preview) 5-7, 11-14, 18-21 & 25-28 at 7.30 pm and November 14, 21 & 28 at 1.30 pm. Admission is Adults $30 and Concessions $28 with Group Concessions $28/$26 for 10 or more. Booking Fees and COVID distancing apply.

Book via (8262 4906), or (8225 8888.)

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